Friday, June 14, 2013

B'day cake with Fall flowers ..err edible flowers!

I have already posted few cake recipes with no eggs on this blog but never had chance to decorate them or to frost them.
And this time I got one! So I decided to bake one for my sweety pie N's B'day party. My mom n dad used to throw parties for my B'days and mom used to bake her special cake decorated with different frosting.
It feels nostalgic when we try to do some thing for our kids which our parents had done for us. I want to try all things with N and want to see her reactions- If its same or not or rather more interesting!

We were thinking of using fall colors for the party theme and the only issue was an Autumn Cake. How to make a Easy-to-do-yet-interesting cake?! :O

Cake decoration was the only option where we could get creative and we didn't miss that chance.
We came up with the idea of yellow flowers on cake top with base of a readymade rolled white fondant sheet.

We decided to make Yellow flowers out of Pineapple Slices.
Yes and we did it as you can see in pictures. It went well with the theme of fall with matching PomPoms and Pumpkins.
Certainly it was fun to do and best part was that everybody in party could not recognize it until they tasted it :-D

How I did it?Here it goes-
2 Pineapples whole
1 sharp knife for fine slices

Preheat oven to 225 degrees. I used the oven shelf directly for baking the slices but you can line two sheets with parchment papers.
Remove pineapple eyes and using a sharp knife ,cut the pineapple crosswise into very thin slices.The thinner the better and faster to bake. 
Transfer the slices to oven shelf. 
Bake until tops look dried about 45 mins. Flip slices to bake the other side too for another 30 minutes or so until it dries out completely.(I know it requires lot of patience but nothing comes without hard work or long electricity Bill!!)
The slices will look like dry flowers but then I switched the oven to grill setting and grilled it for 5 mins to have little darker color on edges.But you really need to keep an eye on them so that you don't end up with charred flowers.
Once you are satisfied with the texture and color, remove them from oven and let it cool on wire rack for some time.

They are ready to go on cakes, cupcakes, smoothies, cocktails or almost anything you can get creative with!

PS:  This method is the best I found so far. I had tried to put them in muffin molds and bake but it didn't give me the expected results.

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