Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diwali special!

Diwali is the popular most Hindu festival for Indians and I had been brought up in a place where all small to big festivals are celebrated with lot of colors and special foods.

For every festival there will be a menu of sweets, snacks and a detailed main course menu. Though now things are changing and people have started celebrating the festivals a bit differently like going to restaurant for dinner, buying sweets from shops etc ..even I do it sometimes but for me festival was always meant to be a hectic day for my mom. She always used to prepare lots of sweets, an array of snacks and later special dinner for Diwali night.We siblings will be busy with putting rangoli, painting the flower pots with 'Geru'-a kind of mud paint and then decorating whole house with flower garlands. every year we used to have same schedule but we were enjoying doing it so much that now its like mandatory for us to do, if not same but at least few of those activities, to mark this festival.
We used to get tired by the night but there was a sense of satisfaction that we did it.

Now role has reversed, I am a mom and want to share my childhood fun with my daughter so just trying to do what mom used to do though I know I can't beat her energy level but can only just TRY!

But it gets difficult when it comes to choose what should I cook on the D-day?
So here is a list of few of my favorite recipes which mom used to prepare for Diwali:

Main course:

So have a safe and best Diwali ever and don't forget to cook and express your love to your loved ones.
Your comments and feedback are always welcome. 

Cya soon


  1. Wow yummy! When are you making these? I Will come to your place for live cooking classes plus tasting too ;))

  2. Oh yes and some of them you are going to taste on this diwali ;)..stay tuned :D


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