Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FLOP – sesame seeds and sugar bar (Til ki chikki)

Being foodie in Pardes means you are trying new things at home. Experimenting! Cooking something which you've never done before.
Most of the time, it works. You end up with something delicious, nutritious, and guilty for not following your diet.

Sometimes, it flops.

Do not (and I repeat: DO NOT) do the following:

1. Use your 'very precious-little in quantity-brought from India' sesame seeds for Makar Sankranti for experimenting CHIKKI.
2. Use Ghee and Sugar and switch on the heat and stir AND try to make sugar syrup consistency out of it without adding a single drop of water.
3. Add those sesame seeds to it while fantasizing that today you are going to have a chikki with grocery-bought look and then what?

The result is crystallized sugar coated on sesame seeds but no binding. So no Chikki and offcourse no waah waahi but yes some caramalized sesame seeds. :P
Though after two days when I recovered from my trauma of flop show, I microwaved the whole thing with little water and added boiled honey to it till it gets some binding and now 70% of those burfi I have already gobbled up (for tasting while re-experimenting) and some are still left for the Man in house. :)

TIL TIL kar mara is TIL ko ..PJ :P

Later I got to know many things about how I should've done the things.
As they say  Never say, "oops."  Always say, "Ah, interesting."  

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