Monday, January 30, 2012

Instant Shrikhand using Greek yogurt

I never tried the original recipe of Shrikhand in my life. In fact I would say I was not even keen to know about it as I am not so fond of it nor my family members.

When one is out of India and don't have access to Mawa/khoya then we are compelled to satisfy our sweet tooth with few homemade recipes like Halwas and Kheers only. So I keep on looking for alternative options which are easy to prepare with minimal ingredients and can be used anytime and still steals the show!

One of such option which I posted earlier was Kalakand. Now I found one more recipe which is not only easy to prepare but will definitely make your day.
That's Shrikhand!
Yes I know the original process involves a lot of patience,expertise and efforts but I found an easy way out i.e. using Greek Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is a type of yogurt which is creamy,low fat and thicker than regular yogurt. It is a good health food, as it contains protein and probiotics.
I am using Lindahls grekisk yogurt as it is easily available in Sweden and I am quite satisfy with its texture for Shrikhand.

Serve: 8
1 ltr Lindahls grekisk yogurt/ Greek yoghurt
200 gms powdered sugar
10-12 saffron strands
2 tsp warm milk
4-5 pods of cardamom powdered
slivers of almond / pistachio for garnish(optional)
1 tbsp charoli/chironji nuts to garnish

Add Saffron in warm milk and stir till it get dissolved.
Whisk the greek yogurt in a deep bowl till it gets smooth consistency (takes about a minute).
Check the texture of yogurt. Thick yogurt is necessary for Shrikhand.
If you feel greek yogurt which you have is not enough thick then hang it in a muslin cloth for 4-5 hours, discard the whey and then use it.
Next add powdered sugar and blend till it gets dissolved.
Add the saffron milk, cardamom powder and beat it well till the mixture is creamy and rich.
Garnish with Charoli nuts,almonds and pistachios.
Refrigerate it for about 2 hours and serve chilled.

If you want to make this dessert a bit tangy, add sour cream and stir well before adding the nuts but it totally optional. Or you can refrigerate for a day and it will have that tangy taste by itself.
Many variations can be done with the flavour like Aam shrikhand, Rose Shrikhand, Berry Shrikhand etc..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Break, but I'm back!!

Not only have I not been blogging, I have even slipped from surfing Internet. It's odd- two months goes by really fast.

We had been to our hometown in India. We met our relatives, friends and family shared so much of happiness with them, 
celebrated Diwali,

visited Taj, 

 Nia's B'Day, finished some long time-pending work. We spent two months together as a family for the first time but again with loads of work. Missed mom and tried to bring things back to at least a bit normal and did hell lot of shoppinggggg!

And that dear readers was what I did while I was gone Wish you all a wonderful 2012 :) and hope it brings us all a lot of luck, love and happiness!

FLOP – sesame seeds and sugar bar (Til ki chikki)

Being foodie in Pardes means you are trying new things at home. Experimenting! Cooking something which you've never done before.
Most of the time, it works. You end up with something delicious, nutritious, and guilty for not following your diet.

Sometimes, it flops.

Do not (and I repeat: DO NOT) do the following:

1. Use your 'very precious-little in quantity-brought from India' sesame seeds for Makar Sankranti for experimenting CHIKKI.
2. Use Ghee and Sugar and switch on the heat and stir AND try to make sugar syrup consistency out of it without adding a single drop of water.
3. Add those sesame seeds to it while fantasizing that today you are going to have a chikki with grocery-bought look and then what?

The result is crystallized sugar coated on sesame seeds but no binding. So no Chikki and offcourse no waah waahi but yes some caramalized sesame seeds. :P
Though after two days when I recovered from my trauma of flop show, I microwaved the whole thing with little water and added boiled honey to it till it gets some binding and now 70% of those burfi I have already gobbled up (for tasting while re-experimenting) and some are still left for the Man in house. :)

TIL TIL kar mara is TIL ko ..PJ :P

Later I got to know many things about how I should've done the things.
As they say  Never say, "oops."  Always say, "Ah, interesting."  

What’s your biggest cooking flop? Share it in the comments or on Facebook


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