Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tandoori roti

When ever I visit India I feel like eating out daily as here hardly any Indian restaurant serves you the same authentic food especially tandoori roti, naan etc as they replace it with Naan bread.:(
So I decided to prepare it myself here at home.But question was How? as I had hot plate stove and tandoori roti in oven is more or less like a papad wont be that soft(read as khasta) as it is cooked on flame or in actual tandoor.
Finally I thought of using my same tava and a wire rack(single burner open wire rack on feet that set the rack about an inch off the plate).

1 cup wheat flour 
1 cup all purpose flour or maida 
1tsp salt
1 cup warm water

In a bowl, mix flours and salt. Add warm water gradually, knead it to have a soft dough. 
Cover it with a damp cloth and let sit on the counter for 30 minutes to one hour.
Put the tava on medium heat. Do not oil it. Put the wirerack on another burner at the highest heat possible.
Cut the dough into equal pieces in size of lemon and roll it out into a round till it is thin but not too thin.
Apply water on one side of this roti and stick this side on the hot tawa. you'll see little bubbles form.After a minute or so turn the tawa upside down on the wire rack.roti is still stuck on the tawa and the exposed part of roti can be cooked on wire rack in this way.
In few mins you can see roti is puffed up and some brown spots are emerging.
Meanwhile roti will start coming out of the tawa and once you feel you got the texture, remove it from wire rack and apply butter to it.

The dough should be softer than what we do for chapati and should be kept for at least 1 hour for good results.

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