Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rabdi (रबड़ी)

Indians are too fond of sweets and if it is some festival then we get an excuse to celebrate it with lots of sweets and snacks.
One of the royal Indian sweet is Rabdi or Khurchan.This time on Holi I decided to prepare this at home as we do not get rabdi here in Sweden :( and it really turned out well.

3 ltrs whole milk(I got milk with maximum of 3% fat)
1 cup sugar
3-4 cardamom seeds crushed
and few dry fruits as per the choice.(Though I kept it simple)

Cooking time:1 Hr
This will prepare around half litre of rabdi.

Pour the milk in a heavy bottomed deep pan and bring it to boil on high flame.
Once it started boiling switch the flame to medium and let it cook for 45 mins or so . Keep stirring in between so that milk will not get stick to the bottom of pan.
Now here is the tricky part,whenever there is a layer of cream or malai on the milk pick it up with a fork carefully and stick it to the side walls of pan.
Add Sugar to this and stirr it carefully when milk become little thick.
Switch off the flame when only 1/4 of milk is left.
add cardamom powder and let it cool.
Add dry fruits and kesar (saffron strands)
Now scratch all the cream which is sticked on walls and mix it with rabdi.
It will give you the texture and taste of authentic khurchan.
Serve when it is chilled with maalpua or you can have it just like that too.

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